R.A.T. Your Rodent Around-the-World Traveler (a.k.a. Raz)

Hi, My name is R.A.T., which stands for Rodent Around-the-World Traveler (I like to think it stands for Rodent Adventure Traveler), but everyone here calls me Raz for short. I would love to share my adventures with you. I left my rat family in early January to seek adventure. Everyone said "head west young rat," so that is what I did. I headed west to San Diego, California where I ran out of land and had to hop on a ship to continue my journey. It turns out that the ship I found was going west around the world--a dream come true! The MV Explorer is home to the famous Semester at Sea study abroad program. My shipmates include 629 college students and about 150 faculty, staff, lifelong learners, and family members. Things are really busy here on the ship and even busier when we are in port. Come follow me vicariously as I take this incredible journey. Yours, R.A.T.

P.S. I had such a great time on the voyage that the adventure continues!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Flying is Fun!?

Not your fault??? Another example of public servants passing the buck!
Flying's not much fun these days.
So you have to create your own fun--photo bomb!!!
That fun did not last long.

Monday, April 4, 2016

World Rat Day!!!

Today is World Rat Day! In honor of it a few of my pals celebrated around the world

As we plot to rule the world! : )

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sunny Florida - Part 3 A Day of Sun and Fun!

Time for some fun!
I could watch the waves for hours!
A beautiful day to go kayaking across the Intracoastal Waterway!
This guy was in the Christmas spirit!
Hey kitty, give me five!
See cats do follow directions!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sunny Florida!!! - Part 2 Kennedy Space Center

Since I thought the astronaut looked so cool, we decided to spend some time at the Kennedy Space Center.
And explore!!!
But first we needed to buy tickets. Luckily not much of a crowd.
Hitched a ride inside with this guy. He just bought a membership pass!
He let me take a ride on this colorful space shuttle. Can you find me? (Hint: I'm on top of the eagle painted on it.)
Here is a nice memorial fountain for President John F. Kennedy.
Cool light fixture on the ceiling of the visitors center.
Wow! Rockets in all different sizes!
These guys are really tall!
How would you like to splash down in this. They said it was really cramp inside, but it seem pretty roomy to me.
This one doesn't seem like it would travel very far!--Oh! It's a Christmas tree you say?! : )
This one must be sleeping!
Nice mural of the International Space Station.
We hopped on a bus to see some of the launch facilities.

This is the Vehicle Assemble Building--for really big vehicles!
Space X's building at Launch Pad #39A. The future of space?
Ground Control to Major Tom (Mr. Bowie will be missed). It's the Apollo Mission Control Center!
Saturn Vs are rally big rockets!!!

Here's the other end.
It's the lunar lander! Say that 10 times fast!
What fun to drive around the moon in this.
Here I am with my friend Space Spooopy.

But even cooler--I touched a moon rock!!!
Here's a used capsule. Can you imagine splashing down in that?
Wow! The space shuttle solid rocket boosters are huge!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sunny Florida!!! - Part 1 Arrival

Sorry it has taken me so looooong to post my vacation pics of Florida. Had a wonderful time soaking up some pre-Christmas sun.
Orlando, home of the weird looking rodent!
I stopped to say "hi"!

And to his wacky friend. Oops! Didn't see the sign. Sorry!
This guy looks magical!
But this guy looks the coolest!!!
So no visit to the mouse house this time, but
Off to visit NASA World instead!