R.A.T. Your Rodent Around-the-World Traveler (a.k.a. Raz)

Hi, My name is R.A.T., which stands for Rodent Around-the-World Traveler (I like to think it stands for Rodent Adventure Traveler), but everyone here calls me Raz for short. I would love to share my adventures with you. I left my rat family in early January to seek adventure. Everyone said "head west young rat," so that is what I did. I headed west to San Diego, California where I ran out of land and had to hop on a ship to continue my journey. It turns out that the ship I found was going west around the world--a dream come true! The MV Explorer is home to the famous Semester at Sea study abroad program. My shipmates include 629 college students and about 150 faculty, staff, lifelong learners, and family members. Things are really busy here on the ship and even busier when we are in port. Come follow me vicariously as I take this incredible journey. Yours, R.A.T.

P.S. I had such a great time on the voyage that the adventure continues!!!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mumbai - Not Me!

Although there is some family resemblance . . .
This is not me!!!
See this is me on a plane.

And when the cabin door closes I am belted in and carefully listening to the safety briefing!--Not scary at all!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Albuquerque to Tucson - Road Trip and Friends!

Road Trip!!! (or as one of my travel buddies called it--Rodent Trip!)
Lots of miles of nothing in the Southwest!
That's an odd name for a town! What a crazy place to change its name to the title of a game show. Some places will do anything for a bit of P.R.!
So this is what it feels like to be in a belly of a cow!
Thinking about that made me hungry. We made it to Hatch. Is this a mirage? I bet this hot dog is REALLY hot!
Watch out for beasts! This doesn't look like a very friendly place to dine.
This place looks better.
And friendlier.
Chicken anyone? Nice beads.
He's tall. Looks like that jalapeno is hot--see the steam rising from his top hat!!!
He's really tall too--and strong!
Nice tights!
A bucket of spicy chicken!!!
Maybe some ice cream to cool the mouth off after a bit of Hatch green chili.
Do bears eat rats? Hamburgers are definitely tastier that rats!!!
I think it is time to say goodbye and return to the open road.
Lots of miles of this!!!
Finally Tucson and the beautiful San Xavier del Bac!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Albuquerque - Balloons and More Balloons! - Part 3

Some of the balloons go up before the sun comes up--really early in the morning! Balloonists refer to this as Dawn Patrol.
Aren't the balloons pretty all lit up in the dark?
I needed to take a closer look.
Here they go up into the air.
They look just like Christmas ornaments.
Another balloon ride!!!
Here we go!!!
We're up in the wild blue yonder!
What goes up must come down--time to land.
Landing (Can you find me?)
Here I am!
Now it's time to pack up!
All of the fabric of the envelope fits into the red bag!
With a bit of stuffing.
And stuffing!
Time to pack the burners and basket on to the truck.
Here comes all of the balloons that took off after sunrise--WOW!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Albuquerque - Balloons and More Balloons! - Part 2

Here's how they inflate a balloon.
First lay the basket over on its side and fill the envelope (the fabric part of the balloon) with lots of air using a fan (it's just out of view).
It's so pretty inside!!!
Then heat the air with fire. Feels good on a cold New Mexico morning!
The hot air makes the envelope rise up off the ground and the basket is placed upright. Next, in goes the passengers (including me!).
The pilot is also in the basket checking all of his instruments to make sure it will be safe to fly.
Other people put their weight on the basket so that the balloon doesn't take off until it is safe to do so.
Then it's off we go!!! Can you find me?
Up, up and away!!!
There we go!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Albuquerque - Balloons and More Balloons! - Part 1

My next stop was Albuquerque and Balloon Fiesta!
There were 100s of balloons in lots of colors!
Here are some inflating.
Some were in fun shapes like these guys!
I like the bees. They're one happy family.
There they go on their own.
This looks like an interesting balloon.


Nice kitty.